About Us

Honeydukes is a family owned business in Melbourne Australia.

The business was set up by Brenda and Jennifer Stratton.


We both have over 6 years experience in working at markets and events.​


We stock the latest flavours of fruit flavoured Liquorice straps, Hard Boiled Rock Candy, Sour TNT Sprays & Slime, Gob Stoppers, Jaw Breakers, Pucker Powder, and many other types of confectionery.


We also offer personalised party needs with different packaging, labelling and decoration options. Come and chat with our friendly staff for your birthday party, wedding or corporation needs, discover our products and services and don’t forget to check out our great in store specials!

At our events we also make our own Fairy Floss, Snow Cones and Popcorn.

If you would like to book us at your next event

Contact Brenda Stratton at honeydukesaustralia@gmail.com or use the contact form on this website.

Our Product Range

Boiled Lollies Rock Candy

Boiled Lollies



Gummy Lollies

Sour Lollies TNT Sour Candy Warheads

Sour Lollies

Novelty Candy Lollies

Novelty Candy

Bubblegum Chewing Gum Cheewy

Chewing Gum

Exotic Filled Licorice

Exotic Filled Licorice

Fudge Peanut Brittle Caramels

Fudge - Brittles